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Patients and staff can relax in the knowledge that should help be required, either by the patient or by a member of staff, assistance can be directed to the specific room at the touch of a button.

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Q. What is Network II?
A. It is an addressable nurse call system designed to work, as the name implies, on a simple electronic network. Designed with features and facilities requested by our clients over the years to provide a cost efficient and easy to install system.

Q. Who uses the system?
The system is used by NHS trusts, residential care homes and nursing homes throughout the United Kingdom. The system has been exported to Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.

Q. How does it work?
Patients and staff initiate calls from our range of nurse call points. Four call levels are available, patient-to-nurse, nurse-to-nurse, crash alarm and staff attack. The room’s identity is then displayed on the indicator panels at the nurse base stations, they can also be sent to radio pagers for staff who are on the move. Staff can register their presence in a room allowing other staff members to locate them. Another feature enables staff to log their attendance, or visit, to a room when carrying out regular checks.

Q. What information can be displayed?
Any text you want up to 20 characters. Each nurse call point is programmed with the rooms name for example, ‘Ward B bedroom 2’ or ‘Dining Area’ so staff don’t have to remember numeric codes. This information is programmed into the system during the installation and commissioning stage and can be easily changed at any time by using a programming unit. This gives the flexibility to keep the nurse call system up-to-date when rooms have a change of uset.

Q. Is it a well proven system?
Yes! We have been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing nurse call systems for over 22 years. The Network II system has been installed to great acclaim in many establishments throughout the UK and it has proved to be a very reliable and stable system requiring little or no maintenance.

Q. Is it suitable for connecting to existing wiring?
Yes! This was the main reason we designed the Network II nurse call system. The market for replacing old inferior systems is rising rapidly with the advent of tougher care standards. It has also proved to be a cost effective solution when hospital wards have been refurbished and the old nurse call systems have been replaced. With our system having such minimal wiring requirements, it also has advantages in other parts of the market. Indeed, the majority of our installations have been into new developments.

Q. How is it wired?
The system is centred around the control unit, or the appropriately named Hub. When replacing a system, two wires are connected from each nurse call point back to the new Hub position, either individually or in a ‘daisy-chain’ sequence. When wiring for a new system, the call points are wired on radials. Up to 20 units can be connected to these radials meaning that one wire may be all that is required to connect up the equipment in a ward or corridor section. Even the indicator panels can be connected to the radials. The overall result is a fast and efficient installation with the least amount of disruption. Ancillary equipment for example, ceiling mounted pull switches, are wired back to their respective call points. Full installation and programming manuals are available to guide you through the process.

Q. What size systems can be installed?
The system is extremely flexible and one Hub will support up to 254 addressable call points and 26 indicator panels with no extra power supplies or boosters being required. If the system requirement is for a larger, ward-based system, hubs can be interlinked to provide whatever size scheme is required.

Q. Does the system have data storage?
You have two choices. The preferred option is the software package, allowing you to save all information onto a PC. You can view selected room information, dates, times, types of call and more. All can be printed out using the PC’s own printer or saved onto disk for future use. There is no need for a dedicated PC, the programme can be minimised whilst the usual day-to-day tasks are carried out. The second option is a dedicated printer that is connected to the system and keeps a continuous print roll log of events.

Q. Why choose NETWORK II?
The system has been designed for ease of installation and reliability. These two factors combined have made it an ideal choice for all types of projects from new builds to refurbishments to simply updating an old nurse call system. The range of facilities allied to its cost have made NETWORK II a market leader.

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