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Red Alert helps staff feel more secure knowing that in an
emergency they can summon assistance at the touch of a
button on their personal transmitter.

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Q. What is Red Alert?
A. Red Alert is a system that has been designed to give staff the flexibility to remotely activate an alarm using an infra-red transmitter. Commonly used by medical staff as a personal attack alarm system as well as a medical emergency alarm system.

Q. What happens when I need assistance?
Any member of staff carrying an alarm transmitter can simply press the alarm button. This will send out an infra-red signal that floods the room with its particular coded light. In more urgent cases it may be easier to pull the transmitter from the clothing clip and throw it to the floor. It is sturdy enough to withstand this and will carry on transmitting.

Q. What happens then?
When the receiver senses the coded signal it relays the information back to the control unit (Hub). The Hub, seeing that a call has been made, instantly identifies the exact location and then transmits that information back out to the system. It can send the information to indicator panels or,via radio signals, to pocket pagers carried by key personnel. The location of the call is displayed on the indicator panels and pagers.

Q. What text can be displayed?
Any text you want up to 20 characters! The exact location of the call is sent for example, ‘consulting room’, along with the level of urgency (there are 4 levels available). This text can be changed at any time by using the hand held programming unit.

Q. Is it a well proven system?
Yes! We have been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing electronic systems for 22 years. The Red Alert Personal Attack system was added to our product range several years ago. It has been installed to great acclaim in hundreds of establishments throughout the UK and also internationally. It has a proven record of reliability that has been specified by many UK NHS Trusts and Health Boards.

Q. Are there any other facilities?
There are many other features and facilities that the system can offer. One major example is that the system can be integrated with our range of nurse call equipment. This provides a cost effective solution for a centralised personal attack system for the staff to use with a fully featured nurse call system for the care of the patients.

Q. What size systems can be installed?
The system is extremely flexible. One hub will support up to 254 addressable points and 26 displays with no extra power supplies or boosters. Larger systems are available by interlinking the hubs to provide whatever size scheme is required.

Q. How is the system installed?
The system is simple to install. Very briefly, the call points are wired from the control unit (Hub) in radials. Up to 20 points can be connected to these radials meaning that one wire may be all that is required to connect up one ward or corridor section. Even indicator panels and over door lights can be connected to the radials. The overall result is a fast and efficient installation with the least amount of disruption.

Q. Who uses the system?
The system is used by a wide range of clients where their staff may be at risk of attack or abuse in the work place. Current users include over 150 NHS trusts in the UK. The trusts diversify from mental health, A&E departments, acute hospitals to EMI and general hospitals. Other users include doctors’ surgeries, schools, probation and bail hostels, local government particularly social services and housing departments. The system has been exported to Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.

Q. Why choose RED ALERT?
The system has an unsurpassed record of reliability and the flexibility to comply with the most stringent requirements. We have been manufacturers of alarm call systems and associated products for 22 years and our systems are both designed and manufactured in-house.

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