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‘We design, manufacture, install and provide after care’

With manufacturing and supplying high quality alarm systems for over 35 years, SAS have extensive experience in providing critical communication solutions for staff, patients and service users alike.

The RED ALERT II staff attack system has been designed to meet the requirements of modern healthcare and hospital environments, incorporating design features to address everyday risks and threats that staff are now commonly subject too.

The NETWORK II Nurse call system is designed for ease of installation and reliability. These two factors combined have made it an ideal choice for all types of Carehome projects from new builds to refurbishments or simply updating an old nurse call system. The range of incorporated features have made NETWORK II a market leader.

To summarise, our systems are:

Simple to operate

Reliable and robust

Quality assured

Cost effective ✅ 

SAS systems are widely used throughout the UK and Worldwide in Secure Units and Psychiatric Homes, Public and Private Acute Hospitals, CAMHS Units, Children’s Homes, Care and Residential Homes, Specialist Schools, Probation/Bail Hostels and Medical/Health Centres – basically anywhere where staff may feel vulnerable at their place of work, or need help in a hurry.

Our latest product ranges include;

  • The upgraded Red-Alert II staff alarm platform now offers a variety of integration options into third party safety systems such as CCTV. Also, enhanced interfacing to alarm communication devices including alarm messaging to smartphones over 4G or Wi-Fi
  • Anti-vandal, anti-ligature Nurse and Patient Call Points which are available in wired or wireless options
  • Connection onto the IP network for web-based alarm data logging & connectivity for remote access

The latest personal alarm devices will now last up to one year on a single charge of the battery. In addition, they can be monitored so that the staff are automatically informed when leaving the building without returning their alarm device.



Why choose Red Alert II Staff Attack?

Our staff attack alarm systems are designed to allow staff to summon assistance by activating a personal alarm transmitter. The exact location of the alarm is then immediately displayed on the LCD indicator panels which are located in key positions throughout the building and/or portable devices such as pagers or smartphones.

  • Red Alert II has been integrated with our Network range of equipment to provide a combined staff attack and nurse call alarm system
  • Dual Technology alarm transmitters (Infrared and Radio)
  • 4 alarm priority levels – Call, Alarm, Attack (& Crash)
  • Low-Battery notification on Alarm Transmitters
  • Rechargeable Alarm Transmitters – a 2hr charge can provide up to a years usage
  • “Quick-Charge” facility – 10 minutes provides enough charge for a work-shift
  • Option for ID Badge Alarm Transmitter
  • Transmitter battery can be tested anywhere without activating system
  • Vandal Resistant, Anti-Ligature options for all Nurse and Patient Call Points
  • Wide Range of integration options into smartphones, pagers, Intercoms and drug cupboard alarms
  • Managed-Protocol Platform – SAS can train hospital engineers to maintain system
  • Red Alert System easy to maintain and programming is simple – therefore configuration modifications can be made by the end user
  • Staff alarm transmitters are designed to be extremely lightweight and unobtrusive to carry


Touch Room Unit Transparent

Why choose Network Touch Nurse call?

SAS provide a one-stop solution; we design, manufacture, install and maintain your Nurse Call system. Dealing with the manufacturer ensures cost efficiency. One of our experienced sales personnel will be dedicated to your project ensuring you receive all the information and support necessary.

  • Network Touch has been integrated with our Red Alert range of equipment to provide a combined nurse call and staff attack alarm system.  
  • Full Integration into third-party systems including fire alarm, access control, telephone and building management systems.
  • Network Touch can be connected to the lighting system, for example, to switch on the en-suite light when a resident leaves the bed.  

A complete range of Nurse Call and Patient Call Alarm Call points – either hardwired or wireless;

  • Patient – Nurse
  • Nurse – Nurse
  • Crash Alarm and Staff Attack
  • User friendly indicator panels – large text, high visibility 20 character display with individual settings including day/night volume.
  • Dementia Care Products – Bed/chair exit monitors, floor pressure mats, epilepsy monitors & enuresis monitors.
  • Remote Calling – Wireless Pendants are available for residents to remotely call for assistance throughout the home and also externally from within the grounds.
  • Simple configuration – Room units can be easily reprogrammed allowing the home manager to alter the room description text to their requirements.
  • Ease of Operation –  Designed to be easy to use for both residents and staff with many hidden functions that do not interfere with the simplicity of day to day use.
The SAS staff attack system provides a reliable and effective system for staff to easily use to either protect themselves or call for assistance in the event of emergency. It also provides the necessary level of safety and security that an individual alarm system should provide by being able to pin point the location of an incident to allow colleagues to react and provide back up when required.

SAS have been providing staff attack response systems to the Trust for the past 15 years; and during that time developed enhancements to meet the changing needs of mental health patients. The solutions cover our specific requirements for staff attack, nurse call, door monitoring and bed monitoring throughout a range of specialist mental health services that the Trust offers.

Head of Capital Design, TEWV NHS Foundation Trust

Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust have been using SAS products in excess of 8 years. The alarm systems are well embedded into our clinical services and therefore provide greater confidence when our teams are working in environments requiring support of  robust nurse call systems . We are able to train our staff how to operate the alarms – however SAS are always on the end of a phone and can offer advice and support as and when needed.

Head of Capital & property Management, Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The team at SAS assist the Trust in all aspects of our projects from initial survey, installation, commissioning and training – their expertise has been particularly valuable when we have needed to make adaptations to existing systems

Over the last 12 years, The Worcester Health and Care  NHS Trust (and its predecessor organisations)  have deployed the Red Alert system across the majority of its inpatient Mental Health sites, and this provides staff with the confidence that the system will provide a safer environment to work within.

Estates Department, Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust


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